Our team

Gp. Capt. B. P. Patnaik, (Retd.)

Chairman, Arupa Mission Research Foundation

Message from Chairman

Dear Friends,
Greetings from Arupa Mission Research Foundation

We complete 20 years as an institution and are elated to share with you this annual report. As we progress on social transformation and change our focus this year has been on creating Champions of Change (#ChampionsOfChange) in communities we work in. We have been able to do so by focussing on strengthened community and institutional engagement, unleashing leadership qualities and various initiatives on food security through improved livelihoods practices leading to increased income.

I would like to quote António Guterres, UN Secretary General:

It is time to reconstruct relations between people and leaders – national and international. Time for leaders to listen and show that they care, about their own people and about the global stability and solidarity on which we all depend.

We believe change starts from the home and so our leaders should be champions from homes in communities that face challenges, inequality and equity. It has been possible to foster such leadership qualities by focussing on men, women and children equally. Our experience has led us to believe that to bring change we have to bring all members of society together to believe in change for the better. This strengthens our conviction that this is the age for partnerships, collaborations, collaborative research and learning. Our journey towards empowering children and women as well as making workplaces better, safer and happier for people continues. Last year we moved towards partnerships with larger platforms of change such as the Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security; International Organisation for Educational Development, and continue our partnerships with them. Our focus on bringing sustainable development on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) table continues. From year to year we have strengthened our roots by working with communities as well as providing strategic advisory support based on research and action. SAISHAV our Child Empowerment programme covering health and nutrition ( improving breastfeeding and promoting social and behaviour change in WASH, reducing gender discrimination in food served to children), prevention of child abuse and assault, education ( decrease in dropout rates from schools and improving quality of teaching) and the use of Information Communication Technology has become our core programme now.

We welcome one and all to join hands with us to bring social transformation and for greening the world. Join us in Empowering People.